I hear a tree in the wind at night. The tree sounds like one huge mass. The individual leaves are obscured into one whole. What I know as a tree is not what I perceive in the darkness. For a moment it is not a tree, my inability to identify the mass breaks the sequential moments of memory, and reality becomes continuity.

I find a rational life is not always harsh and laborious but if all factors in the real world are considered as ideal and logical, life issues cannot be perceived and in such case, development of one’s consciousness cannot be imagined. Living a finite life in a community or as an individual, I am deeply impressed when passing over a limit or expanding a point of view. I also enjoy empathizing and relishing the work created through such process. Because of this, I wish to put effort to provide the opportunity for viewers to examine the self and empathize with my work by devoting to the subject of my interest and mobilize all creative methods including intellect, volition, and aesthetic sublimation.