interactive installation
pdp screens, lighting, camera, computer
dimension varies
@’Beyond Festival 2011′ at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

A notion of ambiguity in time and space that determines a state of relationship and mind has philosophical applications. For example, identifying the ambiguity can aid in solving a philosophical problem in a dilemmatic situation. Suppose one wonders how two people can have the same idea in a different space, this can seem puzzling until one distinguishes ‘idea’ in the sense of a particular psychological occurrence, a mental representation, from ‘idea’ in the sense of an abstract, shareable concept. On the other hand, gratuitous claims of ambiguity can make for overly simple solutions. Accordingly, the question arises of how genuine ambiguities can be distinguished from spurious ones. Part of the answer consists in identifying phenomena with which ambiguity may be confused, such as vagueness, unclarity. All these other phenomena illustrate something distinct from multiplicity of its linguistic meaning.