interactive installation
installed in an old cinema complex
radio, projector
dimension varies
Sangjun, Yoo 2011


‘Interference’ is a site specific installation for ‘Festival for Applied Acoustics Cologne 2011’. This installation is situated at the center of abandoned screening room in a closed cinema complex. A projector and a camera in the box act as a scanner, detecting the movement at the entrance of the screening room. Also, it generates a loud white-noise along with the vibrating light. When the box detects the person approaching to the installation, the light starts to be aligned to the person, just like a search light. As the person approaching, the white noise gets decreased, and transitioned to audible radio signal. The viewer has to sit on a seat close to the installation, in order to hear a clear sound from the radio. This site-specific work realizes the loss of periodic time, allowing light as a memory to be relocated into an invisible, yet audible form. From the installation’s erratic responsiveness in state of abandonment, it visualizes the indefinite waiting for a desired screen to be projected.