lawn mower
Think about possibility of criticism that runs the whole distance from a single reference, abusive arrangements of quotations that trigger or close upon its symbol over meaning. And destiny of quotations that is ought to be destroyed, reformed and recycled by its fragment of symbols. As I always observe the happenings around me, I put a special attention on connection between humans, society and something that cannot be recognized in those assemblages. We are the separated beings against the natural and the artificial spaces, but we communicate and share to other self-motivated beings on earth about the way we look and feel. Not because we are socialized animals or just lonely beings, but realizing that we share the moments of our lives in a fate of mortality despite of individual differences and backgrounds. And each perspectives and relationships depart from individual intentions that reveal the layers of self projected or socially shared value without any influences from race, cultural diversity and nationality. This work deals with ghostly appearing suppressed spectators, also dimension of reality in visible montages in society that culture and politic cannot imitate. Paradoxical message draws an invitation to share a sympathetic feeling against, not limited to, the dominating social-standard or the stereotypical perspectives. Goal is to make an ephemeral message that benefits to hide itself against the genetic elements in a coexist nature of people and their surroundings. Temporality is a key term to define my tactical act that exists in a subliminal scope in our mundane environments. Since the message has to trigger certain level of desire that people can communicate with socially agreed act of resistance, to their forbidden resistance against the ambiguous boundaries between public and private spaces. Use a lawn-mower to write a word ‘more’ onto the sloped grass field in the campus, which benefits the visibility and readability. The word is barely visible, however, it draws attention from the people . The lawn grows as time goes, and the ephemeral message will be disappeared without getting an attention as an act of vandalism.