interactive installation
50 x 80 x 80″
projector, camera, lighting, screen
@Rundgang 2011 ‘Academy of Media Art Cologne’

From my work, ‘my eyes your eyes (2011)’, I searched for an infinite potential of image, or a ‘sensation’ that removes weight of body and soul, to open one’s consciousness to the present moment. This installation questions existence in multiplicity beyond what appears to be seen.

Although visible light spectrum allows human to delineate and colorize the appearances, human’s optical sensor doesn’t work like on and off a switch. It operates more like a combination of perceptions and sensations. Since we cannot see every detail between anything with bare eyes. It blurs. Then, the visible sign of complex interplay between the subjects and the eyes become ambiguous. That’s the moment your perceptions and sensation conjugates. In addition, human perception is very much reliant on its reflectivity in between natural and artificial spaces, inside and outside vice-versa, on interpreting its existence in between two. And we consider sensing ourselves against the natural elements on the other side of physical existence. It seemed natural and artificial, or center and its periphery, to share the same physics, and for laws of physics to remain the same even when mirrored. By realizing ourselves in shadow or disappearing all together while looking into the visible and audible spaces, we may question ourselves as transcendental beings: we become perceiving appearances as unreal or ephemeral. It questions one’s existence in multiplicity beyond what appeared to be seen, which affirms to find modes of perception and associations of idea in reality. Then, self-experience responds to the infinite interpretation of objects and appearances through its epistemological perception as of transcendental being.