two projections, computer, speakers, two-way mirror

their‘ is a new-media installation.

The installation consists two facing wall-projections, a computer and a suspended two-way mirror in between two facing walls. A wall projection contains animated 5×5 grid with a typewriting text, which is a quote from the book of Bible, and the book of Quran on the opposite side of the wall, also with a computerized verbal diction. Each color of the pixel is generated by the three letters from the quote, converted via text (ASCII) to RGB conversion, and the speed of filling 5×5 grid (maximum 60 letters per quote) is given identically for the both sides of setup, and restart the filling process of the grid with a next quote as it becomes fully filled. The two readings are initiated at the same time, however, the durational time of both readings starts slightly out of step due to the different length of each quote. A suspended two-way mirror in between two facing projections is being illuminated by the 5×5 pixel grid projection from the both setup, then it reflects the projection back to the wall in a distorted image.

The viewer can walk around the installation freely while examining the contents of the texts, set their proximity to the either sides or sit in front of the mirror to observe the overlapping religious texts and engage with the reflected self in a distorted pixelation of the texts.