video art, installation
EOG (Electrooculography) Recorder, PDP screens, Speakers, GPS Tracker, Google Streetview
dimension varies

By considering dream as a phenomenological interface that gives a feedback to one’s daily lives, reveals subjective figurations that defy one’s spatial understanding in a fixed timeline, I find dream is a mental viewfinder to find the self without intersections of time and space as one needs to situate the self in a present moment to observe surroundings proactively. When you having a dream, time and space have different functions, in order to connect fragments of image and sound in the memory. You may not able to hear and remember the sound from the dream, but remains a synesthetic sensorial experience. Moreover, it is possible to say that the images and the sound you hear while awake become a part of memory, which benefits to an exclusive feeling while you dreaming. In order to generate a screen similar to visions in the dream, this work utilizes the records of physical activities from the daytime that visualizes the spatial understanding of events and location, then, reconnects and accumulates into a composition of the timeline from the eye movements during a sleep. Through this, I expect to generate an improvisational experience that is reminiscent to the one from the dream. Repetitively overlaying fragments of images consider the one-way interactivity from the streaming culture as a barrier, and finding patterns or signifiers through the compositional viewfinder that demonstrates the possibility of chance and intervention, a ‘familiar strangeness’ will be discovered with this project as a meta-communication apparatus.